Hello! I’m Gwyn Goodrow, a writer, photographer, and award-winning author. When I travel, each destination unfurls its rich experiences, enveloping me in its presence.

For example, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains National Park, the majesty of towering peaks and verdant valleys overwhelmed my senses. The crisp mountain air filled my lungs, carrying the faint whispers of ancient pines and the distant rumble of water cascading down rocky creeks. The grandeur of nature instills a profound sense of humility and wonder. Each step on the hiking trail feels like a dialogue with the earth.

Further north, the experience of flightseeing over Denali National Park and Preserve is nothing short of surreal. Soaring above the cloud-kissed peaks, the world below seems both immense and intimate. The drone of the plane fades against the silent spectacle of glaciers and snowfields sprawling beneath. It’s a vast, untouched wilderness that speaks to the adventurer’s soul. I’m reminded of nature’s indomitable spirit.

Back home, I’m grounded by walking through the pastures. Surrounded by the farm’s serene beauty, a soft wind murmurs as the birds and wildlife reconnect me with the day’s gentle rhythms.

This balance between awe-inspiring exploration and the peaceful embrace of nature at home defines my journey. It reflects a few ways that the world opens up to those willing to wander.

Hello! Let me introduce myself.

I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry boost their businesses through insightful travel articles. Collaboration with tourism boards and CVBs is where I truly shine, especially when I leverage my understanding of a destination’s business metrics to craft educational and insightful articles that resonate with hospitality entrepreneurs and travelers alike.

I’ve always believed that “things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.” It’s a philosophy that reminds me that while travel isn’t always perfect, it’s the imperfect moments that the most magical human connections appear.

My writing conveys an authentic connection with readers and travel enthusiasts as I use words to bridge the paths between those who travel and the places they will love to visit. 

My writing journey began in earnest in 2012 and now includes more than 130 bylines that convey the essence of diverse cultures, crafts, and stories.

My young adult book, “The Crochet Girl Adventures in Paris,” embodies my love for storytelling, showcasing a fictional explorer’s quest. It recently reached the coveted #1 Best Seller Ranking on Amazon.

I find immense joy working with the tourist industry, especially with inns, vacation rentals, restaurants, foodie destinations, nature attractions, and agritourism venues. Through my writing, I amplify the voices of entities such as these while I share unique stories and offerings with a wider audience. 

From human interest articles to textured narratives about handmade crafts, my work covers a broad spectrum, including history, food, culture, travel, and more, always aiming to enlighten and inspire.

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