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As I child, I read and re-read my grandmother’s dog-eared collection of National Geographic Magazines, with the big, bold, beautiful photos. Gigantic maps stretched across the floor with the markings of lakes and mountains. Strange words identified the villages, towns, and cities of far-away lands. My grandmother, a retired teacher, asked questions after I finished reading each article and taught me to think about the impacts of geography on world cultures.

The time I spent with my grandmother certainly influenced my love for travel and my interest in seeing the places that I’ve read about.

Since 2012, I’ve been writing about my travels on my personal blogs, for online websites, and for print publications.

How can I help you?

My travel stories are written on a canvas which has been primed with my years of experience. I’ve been a finance professional in various high-tech companies for more than 30 years. Writing is a cherished avenue for creative expression. The stories I write tend to weave among the lines of business acumen, a love for cultural crafts, and pure emotional connections with the people that I meet.

I am always willing to discuss possible projects with editors and hospitality industry bureaus. Contact me to start the discussion!


These published articles and photos may be available for your publication. I find that words and images go hand in hand for achieving a compelling story. Please enjoy your reading time by choosing your area of interest.

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Additional images from my photography portfolio (as samples of my photography work) are available on Dreamstime, Bigstock, and Pixoto.

Publications (online or print) and CVB’s are welcome to contact me regarding new projects. My email address is available at the top of the screen. The contact form below is another option for reaching out to me. I will typically respond in within three days after receiving your email.

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