Hello!  I’m Gwyn Goodrow

I am a freelance travel writer and photographer based in Mississippi. While I specialize in writing for media outlets and tourism boards, I also produce content marketing materials for businesses of all sizes.

I am generally available for short-notice travel throughout the U.S. and for marketing consultation meetings.

Bylines have appeared in Woman’s World, Life by Design Magazine(digital), Travel Post Monthly, The Right Way to Travel newsletter, TravelThruHistory.com, Parachute/Mapquest, and Milesgeek.com.

I am a contributing author with the #1 ranked Community Book Project essay collections and author of the Crochet Girl Adventures books.

Focus Areas: Human interest stories, crafting (especially yarn crafts), history, food, culture trails, military, museums, genealogy, tourism, and the many educational aspects of travel.


Gwyn Goodrow

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Morning Routines for Transformation

With a demanding full-time career, how do I ever find the time for writing? All of my secrets and struggles are revealed in this eBook about morning routines. My struggles were real but conquered with the program that I provide in this ebook and companion worksheets.

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Every Day Joy

This Community Book Project rocketed to #1 in the Amazon category for Time Management. It’s jam-packed with touching stories of how daily joy enriches our lives.

Companion Journal

Download this free printable journal to experience your own everyday joy and join the surge of thankfulness and gratitude that is changing lives every day!

Printable Journal Pages and Planners

Revitalize Your Travel with Journaling

Are you ready to travel? Revitalize your spirit as you explore the world. Journaling is a wonderful way to capture memories and relate to your trip with introspective writing.

With step-by-step planning tools, this eBook will guide you into the world of journaling. Includes a set of travel-centric journal pages, both lined (ruled) and blank. See my other listings for some additional pretty journal pages that you can print.

Start journaling today! The watercolor flowers are sure to put a springtime feeling in your thoughts, regardless of the season. This collection (19 pages of pretty printable planners and journal pages) is ideal for planning your day or week. These pages can be used to capture big ideas and brilliant inspirations. 

Planning can be pretty, too! Here are 2 printable pages for organizing your time. The daily schedule has plenty of space to write. In addition, there is a “to-do list” section along with an open space for notes. The second page is a weekly planner for building out the bigger plan for the week. The daily spaces capture your events and appointments (Monday through Sunday) and the checklist section keeps things on track.  Learn more…

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What Is Journaling? Plus 25 Journaling Prompts

What Is Journaling? Plus 25 Journaling Prompts

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Benefits of Journaling for Life Transformation

Benefits of Journaling for Life Transformation

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Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude

Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude

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