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Gwyn Goodrow

blogger and freelance writer

It’s Nice to Meet You!

Here’s the scoop: I’m a storyteller and writer. I’ve been exploring and rediscovering my personal joy in meeting people, hearing their stories, and capturing the wonders of travel through words and images.

For me, travel stories are a written on a canvas which has been primed with my years of experience and these stories weave among the lines of business acumen, a love for cultural crafts, and pure emotional connections.

As a writer, I am always willing to discuss possible projects.

Editors looking for content? Let’s talk!

Hospitality industry and tourism groups?  Let’s talk!

I take on a variety of projects and can help with refining a vision into a strategy, or I can roll up my sleeves and create an appropriate editorial copy with a story for your reading audience. Either way, I offer the communication skills that turn the written word into your project solution.

My writing has an emotional twist in every story. Personal connections are my lens into the world around me. Writing has become a pivot from my background and training in business and finance. That same career background fosters an appreciation of what lies ahead for your reader, your customer, or your guests when they read my stories. I write to tell the story, and storytelling creates the wonders in my life.

Let’s work together.

Send me your questions, feedback, or requests

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