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Hi! I’m Gwyn Goodrow. My writing services business has been years in the making.  It started with journals and scraps of paper covered with rhyming verses.

As a child, my grandmother’s dog-eared collection of National Geographic magazines with the big, bold, beautiful photos inspired me in many ways. The maps across her living room floor identified every lake and mountain in faraway lands and offered exciting perspectives on nearby attractions.

I spent countless hours reading these articles about different cultures and was compelled to better understand languages, cuisine, and history in the context of geographic locations.

My love of reading and traveling was cultivated by my grandmother, who would spend hours discussing the articles, maps, and photographs. She taught me to think deeply about how place impacts world cultures long before I even had a passport in hand!

The time I spent with my grandmother certainly influenced my love for travel and my interest in writing about the places that I’ve visited.

I’ve been writing for many years and started blogging in 2012. In addition to dozens of published bylines, I’ve achieved #1 Bestselling Author status on Amazon as a contributing author…five times! The first two eBooks were in the Time Management and Stress Management categories – and both topics are covered extensively eBooks and Journaling Guides.

These topics are my passion because teaching the techniques of journaling is a way that I can help people create their dream job, get a promotion, and build more confidence.

My clients and customers want to learn how to structure their lives and have more time to do what they love. The success stories fuel my energy and elevate the content creation process for my products and services. 

Welcome aboard! Please browse the site and reach out if I can help you save time, save money, and have a rewarding experience when we work together towards YOUR goals.

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