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Gwyn Goodrow

My writing services business ha been years in the making.  It started with journals and scraps of paper covered with rhyming verses.

As I child, I read and re-read my grandmother’s dog-eared collection of National Geographic Magazines, with the big, bold, beautiful photos. Gigantic maps stretched across the floor with the markings of lakes and mountains.

Strange words identified the villages, towns, and cities of far-away lands. My grandmother, a retired teacher, asked questions after I finished reading each article and taught me to think about the impacts of geography on world cultures.

The time I spent with my grandmother certainly influenced my love for travel and my interest in writing about the places that I’ve read about.

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How To Improve Your Writing Using Grammarly

How To Improve Your Writing Using Grammarly

Effective writing requires careful attention to detail, and I am thrilled to know that I’ve got Grammarly to keep my nimble fingers in check at the keyboard. I’m constantly typing when I’m at my computer. First impressions matter, as do second, third, and all other...

Discovering the Perfect Color Palette for Your Blog

Discovering the Perfect Color Palette for Your Blog

Colors, ah, colors.  I love a beautiful color palette. I’m inspired when I see the cool tones of blue and green and golden yellows as found in nature. I’m not the only one. Colors are vitally important in our daily lives and in our world view. It's not surprising that...

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Words about WritingMy writing journey has been along a winding road, twisting and turning with each new inspiration. I enjoy blogging, travel writing, memoirs, essays, and copywriting, just to name a few of my word adventures. This page highlights some blog posts...

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