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Welcome to the site! Are you interested in making some extra income with side gigs in addition to your regular career job?  I can help. I’ve been working side jobs for as long as I can remember. Looking back, some were fun while others were challenging. Through it all, I learned. 

Are you overwhelmed by blogging for extra income? I’ve been there. Building an online business is challenging. Through several years of study along with trial and error analysis, I’ve found a blogging solution that works for me. I’ll share my system with you while we continue to learn together in this fast-paced digital age.

In addition to digital marketing projects with my blogs, I’ve worked side gigs in brick-and-mortar facilities. We’ll explore the fun and challenges of selling on eBay and how to set up a profitable Etsy store. These side gigs center around physical products and require top-notch organization skills to ensure the shipping logistics are in order.

Whether you are looking to make extra income today, this week, or this year, I’m here to help.

As you explore the site, please let me know what you think.

Are you finding what you are looking for?  I’m adding content about my experiences, but always on the lookout for new ideas and fresh perspectives on ways to make money as a side gig to a steady job.

Join the conversation!

Passport Ready! Let’s Go!

Vacation in Texas and Side Gig Travel Writing

Side Gig Stock Photography on a beach in the Caribbean Islands

At Home on the Farm

Why am I doing this blog about earning extra income?  It’s simple, I love to travel.

As I child I read and re-read my grandmother’s dog-eared collection of National Geographic Magazines, with the big, bold, beautiful photos. Gigantic maps stretched across the floor with the markings of lakes and mountains. Strange words identified the villages, towns, and cities of far-away lands. My grandmother, a retired teacher from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), asked questions after I finished reading an article and taught me to think about the impacts of geography on world cultures.

This certainly influenced my love for travel.

But, travel is expensive!

Even with creative hacks and friends who offer an overnight sofa or guest room, traveling is rarely free. So, I’ve mastered small side gigs and am constantly adding to my travel fund. I’ve been fortunate to travel internationally through with my corporate career and much-needed vacations. I plan every trip in painstaking detail, searching for deals and meaningful experiences. My side hustles make it just a little lighter on the wallet.

My side gigs make it just a little lighter on the wallet.

I’m a teacher at heart, constantly sharing my tips with family and friends. With the reach of the internet, I’m delighted to share these tips with you and help you accomplish your side gig income goals even faster.



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