Gwyn Goodrow BioHi! I’m Gwyn.  Welcome! I capture my travel stories through writing and blogging. More hobbies than I can count on both hands, I need an outlet for all of that creative energy. I found it in blogging and in teaching others to follow me along the same path while carving out their individual journeys.

Maybe this path for me began in 1979. Yes, that’s a LONG time ago. But, that was the year that I was honored as a national 4-H Club scholarship winner in the Consumer Education program.

Writing and photography are among my life-long hobbies. As a spreadsheet guru in a successful corporate career, I have demonstrated my ability to pay attention to details. Those details, when applied to professional freelance writing, are the difference in words versus a compelling, purposeful story. Learning new things and being challenged intellectually are central to my daily life. These past experiences and enduring interests have now collided in my writings. And, I love to share my hobbies and knowledge.

Telecommuting and working from home may be all the rage these days, but I was a telecommuter with a Fortune 500 company back in the 1990’s.  I have worked contract negotiations using the floor and a payphone bank as my office space in a busy airport.  Yes, I remember payphones!  I participated in a series of conference calls while walking on a California beach with warm, golden sand oozing between my toes. Isn’t technology just grand!

I am eager to work with new clients, develop long-term business relationships and partner in their success.